It's no secret that a medical procedure requiring surgery can be a frightening experience. We make sure our patients receive the very best in care in these situations. We offer the latest in no-stitch, small incision ultrasound technology for the removal of cataracts and implantation of intraocular lenses. This procedure results in significant improvement in vision for most patients within the first few days following the procedure. Special implant designs for correcting astigmatism are also available.

To achieve the best outcome after cataract surgery a thorough pre-operative office assessment is a requirement.  This process starts with the patient.  Each individual patient has their own unique visual needs and requirements.   Each person is different and special.  

A thorough assessment is a requirement that includes both a comprehensive eye examination as well as multiple pre-operative tests that measure the shape and length of the eye.  This assessment is painless but does require pupillary dilation. Most patients prefer not to drive for a few hours after their pupils are dilated. It is a good idea to bring a driver the day of your office visit.   

There are numerous factors that are considered and assessed both in terms of the unique anatomical variation that each eye exhibits.  Additionally, some patient’s medical conditions and/or medications may influence surgical decision-making.  Sometimes additional special office testing or more than one office visit is needed to provide for the best possible outcome.  At Spectrum Eye Care we use the most advanced pre-operative assessment technologies and throughly assess each patient’s ocular, visual and systemic health.  

All of this information is consolidated into a coherent surgical plan.  

We are fortunate at Spectrum Eye Care to have very experienced staff and doctors whose dedication to excellence and commitment to providing the best possible surgical outcomes are at the forefront of their efforts.   Please ask questions and engage our knowledgeable staff and doctors with meaningful dialogue. We are here to help. 

Preoperative Testing for Cataract Surgery