Over the past 30 years, Spectrum Eye Care, Inc. has grown from a small single-doctor practice to a leader in eye care. See our story below.

The History of Spectrum Eye Care, Inc.

  • 1979
    Dr. Hendershot M.D. rents space from Dr. Stealey M.D. at 400 West Sandusky Street, where the two doctors practice separately.
  • 1984
    Dr. Stealey M.D. retires, allowing for expansion. Dr. Armstrong M.D. joins the practice.
  • 1986
    The practice moves to 1920 South Main Street, changing its name to Eye Surgeons of Findlay, Inc.
  • 1990
    Dr. Ebersole O.D. joins the practice.
  • 1996
    The 1920 suite is expanded to accommodate an optical department. With this addition, the name is changed to the all-encompassing Spectrum Eye Care, Inc.
  • 1999
    Dr. Stewart O.D. joins the practice.
  • 2001
    Dr. Orr M.D. joins the practice.
  • 2006
    With over 30 employees and continued growth, Spectrum Eye Care builds a new facility at 15840 Medical Drive South.
  • 2009
    Dr. Ford M.D. joins the practice.
  • 2013
    David Seitz joins the team as the new practice administrator and Dr. Hendershot M.D. retires.
  • 2014
    Dr. Paulus O.D. joins the practice and Dr. Armstrong M.D. retires.
  • 2017
    Dr. Moyer O.D. joins the practice, and Dr. Ebersole O.D. retires
  • 2018
    Dr. Mathias O.D. joins the practice.