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"Our daughter, a University of Findlay student needed an appointment for an eye infection. As a parent with a daughter hours away from home, the receptionist worked her in on a Friday afternoon as a new patient. We were so very appreciative. She received great care and doing well. Thank you."

Marc M.

"This was one of the best eye exams I have had in my 60 + years of wearing glasses. I require prisons because of double vision and I was impressed with how that problem was evaluated. Both the technician and Dr. Wray made me feel confident and comfortable with the various parts of the exam. I have ordered my glasses from there and found there prices comparable to other places. Paul did a great job helping me find a pair that were comfortable and look good."

Donna S.

"The entire staff were incredibly friendly and attentive. They explained to me the test I was having and the procedure before they began. And Dr Michaels??? Please forgive me if I have his name wrong. But he was very kind and very patient and also explained everything so I could understand. Big thumbs up."

Melody L.

"Great place! Before coming here I went to two optometrists who could not figure out what the problem with my eyes was. At Spectrum Eye Care they figured out it was GPC and helped me get rid of it. Good doctors and good staff!"

Ricardo B.

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